Dayton Live Introduces New Program for Emerging Leaders

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Dayton Live has announced a new program aimed at supporting up-and-coming leaders. The Spotlight Ambassadors program will welcome all artistic and enthusiastic professionals wishing to work with one of the region’s largest nonprofit organizations and become advocates for the arts. Spotlight Ambassadors will also develop an understanding of and help contribute to Dayton Live’s $33 million regional impact as advocates for the Dayton Live brand.

“I am excited to kick off the Spotlight Ambassador program with developing leaders and professionals who are passionate about seeing Dayton’s art and performances thrive,” said Mark Bailey Jr., a Dayton Live Board of Trustees Member leading the Spotlight Ambassadors effort. “Dayton Live is a non-profit organization that relies upon the time, talents, and treasures of its community members to live on past our years.”

Members of the Spotlight Ambassadors program will meet monthly alongside Dayton Live’s Development Team and a dedicated Dayton Live Trustee. Each month will provide discussions about engagement opportunities with Dayton Live staff, donors, and patrons as well as networking opportunities at a variety of Dayton Live events.

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