The Greater Downtown Dayton Plan was launched in 2010 and has been the strategic blueprint for downtown development. As we look to the future, Plan leaders recognized how the COVID-19 pandemic created near-term and long-term challenges and opportunities for our city.

In the spring of 2021, an effort was launched with public and private leaders to create a downtown Dayton recovery plan, with the goal of identifying short-term and long-term recommendations and setting a vision for downtown’s recovery.

The Rediscover Downtown Dayton Action Plan is the result of nearly 100 community volunteers and stakeholders who are committed to downtown’s continued growth and recovery. This team of diverse community leaders, business owners, residents and stakeholders gathered to address some of the top challenges and opportunities the pandemic presented.

In just a few months, eight different subcommittees convened, including:

- Future of Office
- First Floor & Small Business Relief
- Outdoors & Recreation
- Downtown Development
- Arts, Entertainment, Culture & Venues
- Public Realm & Transportation
- Residents
- Marketing

This report includes summaries and recommendations from each of the groups. So much work has already started, and implementation teams are ready to move the recommendations forward.

Downtown Dayton is poised for businesses, employees, residents, and visitors to come back and