“Destination Dayton” Makes Its Debut for Organization’s 30th Anniversary

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The former Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau has announced its new name. Destination Dayton has spent the last 30 years marketing Dayton and Montgomery County to outside groups and visitors from across the United States. The travel & tourism organization is responsible for bringing a number of massive events to Dayton. The largest of those recurring events, the WGI Sport of the Arts World Championships, brings tens of thousands to the region annually and has committed to staying in the area through 2031.

Jacquie Powell, president and CEO of Destination Dayton, says that the organization also helps local residents discover more about the attractions right in their own backyard.

“What we hear quite often from people is ‘Oh, I never knew that was here,” Jacquie Powell, president and CEO of Destination Dayton tells the Dayton Daily News. “We have people who live here that haven’t discovered all of the unexpected that’s here in our community.”

According to the Dayton Daily News, data shows that 2021 travel, tourism, and conventions generated $2.4 billion of total economic impact in Dayton and Montgomery County.

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