If you're looking to purchase a Downtown Dollars E-Gift Card, please visit DowntownDayton.org/dollars.


An easy way for our community to support downtown businesses with quick, convenient, cashless currency they keep on their phone.


Keeping Dollars Local!
As a downtown shop, restaurant, bar, health or beauty provider, arts or entertainment venue, you’re invited to participate in our new e-Gift Card program. Exclusive to our community of Downtown Dayton small businesses and members of the DDP, e-Gift Cards are a simple way for people and companies to keep spending local.

Digital gift cards can be used at any participating business. There is NO FEE for your business to participate. There is no special technology or administration required either, as long as you accept Mastercard and can key in a transaction like a phone order. You receive the full value of the card, less your normal card-not-present Mastercard fee.

Customers buy the gift cards online and can give them as gifts, thank yous, or for their own use. Local companies can use them for employee gifts or rewards. The Customer pays an “e-delivery” fee for their cards, which is how our technology partner is paid.

Yiftee, the platform we will use for this program, is used by hundreds of communities, and many downtowns have adopted successful community e-Gift Card programs. This image is of Downtown Cincinnati’s Queen City Card and how it looks on a mobile device.

How do I sign up?

  1. Please use the form below to register your business. Respond by Friday, November 27 if you would like to be on the website for our initial rollout.
  2. After you sign up, we will send you an Activation Card. Run it as a digital Mastercard on your Point of Sale system to join.
  3. The DDP will be in touch with more information as we are ready to launch Downtown Dollars at the end of the month! The rollout will include special promotions to incentivize holiday spending and we will provide materials to help educate your staff about the program.

How do consumers purchase an e-gift card?
Visit DowntownDayton.org/dollars to see the page and information we promote to the public.


Application Form

  • Business Listing

  • This is the information that will be displayed publicly to help customers find your business.
  • If you do not have a website, you may link to your Facebook page or other online listing.
  • Contact Person

  • A Downtown Dayton Partnership staff member will reach out to this person to confirm your participation, coordinate your activation, and deliver materials for promotion and staff training.
  • (i.e. Owner, General Manager, Bar Manager, etc.)


Laura Woeste