Downtown Stakeholders Unveil Rediscover Downtown Dayton Action Plan

Mike Colvin Fast Facts

The Rediscover Downtown Dayton Action Plan is the result of nearly 100 community volunteers and stakeholders who are committed to downtown’s continued growth and recovery. This team of diverse community leaders, business owners, residents and stakeholders gathered to address some of the top challenges and opportunities the pandemic presented. The plan was created as this pivotal moment to provide a blueprint for downtown Dayton’s recovery after the pandemic, but also to capitalize on the opportunities for funding and development, and to leverage the public’s energy to rediscover the community coming out of the shutdown. The Action Plan addresses eight key priority sectors to downtown’s momentum, and some action items presented in the plan are already in place. We invite you to review the plan, and to explore the ways in your personal or professional lives that you can Rediscover Downtown Dayton. View the full plan here.

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