Fast Facts: Latest Urban Art Intersections Mural Completed

Mike Colvin Fast Facts

The Downtown Dayton Partnership’s Urban Art Intersections project — a collaboration with The Contemporary Dayton — has completed its latest public art installation, a 75-foot tall colorful display designed and painted by the Dayton artist, Atalie Gagnet. The design, inspired by the geometric repetition of mandalas, also played upon the linear surroundings of the Transportation Center Garage and Convention Center, Gagnet said. “It’s all about pretty lines,” she said of the way the curved lines of her mural play off of the tall wall space surrounded by straight lines in the corners, windows, and parking garage floors nearby. Gagnet spent several days suspended more than 70 feet above the sidewalks of downtown on a lift finishing her design and expressed her gratitude for being given this platform to share her artwork. “Public art and murals are important in our city because right now it is a worldwide phenomenon, and we can bring it right here to Dayton, Ohio,” she said. Urban Art Intersections projects are funded by the Downtown Dayton Partnership to promote downtown Dayton and engage audiences of all ages in local art. This mural was funded in part by a City of Dayton Neighborhood mini-grant. For more public art, you can take a Downtown Public Art Walk self guided tour.

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